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Advanced Surgical Technology

Our team is comprised of highly trained and skilled fertility specialists that are certified in robotic surgery, a cutting-edge technology for most of our outpatient surgical procedures. There are multiple advantages to operating with precision tools that provide faster recovery and less complications.

Robotic Abdominal and Cervical Cerclage

  • An outpatient procedure that can decrease the chance of a miscarriage or premature delivery by keeping the cervix safely closed during pregnancy. The cerclage may be done laparoscopically through a cervical approach.

Robotic Treatment of Endometriosis

  • An outpatient reproductive procedure that through laparoscopy, removes lesions (endometrial tissue outside the endometrium) with advanced laser equipment, including da Vinci® robotic-assisted instrumentation and Firefly visualization technology.

Robotic Tubal Reversal (Tubal Ligation Reversal)

  • An outpatient microsurgery that reconnects blocked sections of a woman’s fallopian tubes, allowing eggs to move through the tubes or sperm to travel up the fallopian tubes to join an egg. Robotic instrumentation, aided by the da Vinci® system, enhances surgery’s precision. The procedure can also be used to reverse a tubal ligation to allow a woman to achieve further pregnancies.

Robotic Uterine Repair

  • An outpatient procedure in which a thin, telescopic instrument is used to examine the size, lining and shape of the uterus and to diagnose any abnormalities that may affect fertility or cause miscarriages. The combination of hysteroscopy and laparoscopy helps to recreate a more normal uterus.


  • Surgical procedure using the 3D high definition da Vinci® vision system that removes uterine fibroid tumors using robotic instruments while still protecting the uterus.
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