COVID-19 Update

If you have a gynecology or pregnancy issue, please contact your Women’s Health TX physician’s office before you go to an ER or walk-in clinic. Our offices now offer telemedicine visits, for the latest guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19), visit

Fertility Testing

During your consultation, we gather substantial background information and thoroughly discuss testing initiatives that will inform different treatment options that will best serve your conception goals. This enables you to take an active role in your fertility path and be matched with a customized fertility treatment plan.

Genetic Testing

  • We offer screening to couples that reveals information for over 100 genetic diseases.

Ovarian Reserve Testing

  • Testing that evaluates a woman’s ovarian reserve (egg supply) and allows a physician to better develop a treatment plan to achieve conception.

Nutritional Testing

  • Identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies through SpectraCell testing that suggests targeted supplementation to enhance natural conception and reduce pregnancy complications.
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