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Find the OBGYN patient resources you need to be an empowered and informed patient

When you visit Women’s Health Texas, you can count on receiving world-class women’s healthcare. Did you know that you’ll also receive patient resources and education? We want you to have the information you need to make educated and empowered decisions about your women’s healthcare.

What are my birth control options?

We live in a world where there is a wealth of options for contraception. While having a lot of choices is beneficial, it can also be a little overwhelming. Your physician can provide education and patient resources to help you select the best birth control option for your family-building plans.

What if I’m having trouble conceiving?

When it becomes difficult to conceive, it can be overwhelming and disheartening. Thankfully, our El Paso OBGYNs can help you learn more about the different causes of infertility and how to treat them.

What type of care do I need during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of change, and you probably have a lot of questions. You can count on our team to provide answers and the prenatal care you need to welcome a healthy baby.

What health screenings do I need?

It’s important to be proactive about your health and wellness. From Pap smears to clinical breast exams, our El Paso OBGYNs can help you determine what type of routine health screenings you might need.

How do I handle the symptoms of menopause?

If you’re struggling with menopause symptoms like hot flashes and thinking about hormone replacement therapy, your doctor can provide you with information and patient resources to help you select the best option for you.

Find the OBGYN patient resources, care and support you need

From providing women’s healthcare to helping you learn more about your treatment options, our El Paso OBGYNs are here to support you in every way we can. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment and start receiving care from a Women’s Health Texas provider.


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