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Donell Oliver, MD's Ratings

  • Friendliness and Courtesy97.6
  • Concerns for Worries97.0
  • Liklihood of Recommending97.6
  • Confidence in Provider98.0
  • Office Staff Teamwork94.9

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Donell Oliver, MD

Women Partners in Health

I graduated with a Biology degree from UT Austin in 1993, graduated from UT Southwestern Medical School in 1997, spent four years in the Air Force in Dover, Delaware (to pay for four years of medical school) before joining Women Partners In Health in 2005.

However, those stats don’t tell you much about me, so here goes…I am informal, but knowledgeable. I manage high-risk and low-risk obstetrics, which are not the same thing and are definitely not treated in the same way. I am supportive of natural childbirth (your contractions don’t hurt me one bit!), but I also had two absolutely wonderful epidurals with my pregnancies! The birth of your child is invariably the best day of your life, and I’m excited that I get to be a part of that!

If your condition requires surgery, I will explain everything so that it doesn’t sound like rocket science. I will draw you pictures. I will give you ALL of the options but also let you know what I think would be the best choice and why. The decision is yours. No woman is the same at 18, 26, 35, 49, 62 or 80. Our hormones, body appearance, and responses won’t be the same over time either. Nothing is embarrassing or shocking. Bad news is the worst part of my job. But like all good friends, I will be there in the bad times, too.

I love my job AND my family. I have a great husband – Kenneth. We have been married since 1995. I have two of the most beautiful, funny, brilliant, talented girls the world has ever seen named Kate and Chloe. I have two more children of the 4 legged variety – Moose and Bear, my chocolate and black labs. I like to hike, camp, read, and wish that I could actually enjoy running. I am happily addicted to caffeine and I feel very strongly that coffee is the most divine substance (other than bacon!) in the whole world.

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Listen to Dr. Oliver describe how she sees surgery as a way to connect with her patients and become a part of their lives.


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Takes the time to answer every question thoroughly.

Dr. Oliver takes the time to answer every question thoroughly and backed with research.

-A Women Partners in Health patient

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